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Covid-19: How Cariad Memorials are protecting your loved ones 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦❤️

In view of the recent escalation in the Coronavirus and the latest government guidelines, I felt it appropriate to let you all know how Cariad Memorials is dealing with the situation and as such the precautions and safeguards being put in place.

The coronavirus impacts every person, every town, every nation and every business around the world. So, I think it's important to share some of the steps we're taking to keep things running as normal as possible for you.

As you will see below, we are going to carry on doing the best we can, and we hope you can appreciate that we are taking this action to protect you and your loved ones, as quite often we are visiting customers homes who would be classed to be within the ‘vulnerable‘ category, and we really do not wish to be contributing to the spread of this virus.

This is an uncertain time, but I want to reassure you of a few things we're doing. We have decided to take the sensible action and have stopped any unplanned visit to our sites, so please do not be offended if we refuse access. We have also decided to stop visiting customers at their home addresses however, our business is very much operational as we can post memorial brochures to your home address and can take memorial orders over the phone, email and and by message.

It’s actually quite straightforward for the team at Cariad Memorials as we are fully equipped to provide full designs to our customer through email, Skype, WhatsApp and other messaging services.

If you require a new memorial or for any of your requirements please follow the guidance below;

1. Please firstly call us on 07949306344 or if you prefer email, we can be contacted on

2. During the call we will take a number of details from you, mainly being; your home address, location of memorial i.e. Cemetery or churchyard location, details of your loved one who has sadly passed, including name and date of death.

3. We can then send you a brochure and call you at a convenient time to discuss the various options or make contact via email or messaging service if that’s your preference.

4. Once you have decided on a memorial we can then assist with the inscription and can provide you with a ’suggestive inscription’ booklet which will assist you to express your feelings for loved ones.

5. Finally we can then provide you with a full quote and proof design for your approval.

6. Once approved we can then confirm the order.

We hope that the current position does not have a significant impact on our business and we would appreciate your continued support; whether you're social distancing, in self-isolation, or just trying to act more responsibly... continue to stay connected, stay responsible and act with kindness.



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